Road reclamation

  • Track restoration

    This process involves the in-situ recycling of roads, tracks and paths. By utilising our specialist machinery we can transform a tired, potholed track into a new road capable of carrying today's heavy machinery.

    We are also able to incorporate small percentages of cement dust and other stabilising products to further enhance the road bearing capacities.

    1. Road ripping

    Ripping the trackway allows the complete road to be re-shaped and allows the depth of the roadway to bind together. If only the portion to be crushed were loosened you would have poor binding between layers and a road with a short life span.

    2. Road crushing

    The Crusher reduces the size of the old roadway material to form fines which will bind the road and create a smooth running surface. Our heavyweight Bugnot crusher can work through all types of rock and boulder (see our gallery for road crushing pictures) including hard granite. There are only two Bugnot crushers in the UK. One of which is ours!

    3. Cement application for road stabilisation (optional)

    Incorporating cement will give your road a longer life span and enhance the performace and durability. The inclusion of cement can create an effective surface for use in yards or carparks and as an alternative to concrete in many cases.

    4. Road grading

    Once we've created the required mix of material we are then able to re-grade and create a fall to aid drainage. This is vital in prolonging the life of any track or road. If water is allowed to sit on any given area, erosion will start and more vehicles which pass through will quickly form a pot hole. The grading is carried out using a hydraulic 3 way blade mounted on a tractor.

    5. Road compaction

    The re-compaction of the track is vital. Three independant plates follow the camber of the road and compact the particles below the surface. The compaction and subsequent exclusion of air pockets reduces the ingress of water and the overall longevity of the road.